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What Makes Us Different

Summer Smash utilizes a unique Progression and structured Pathways to scaffold the development of fundamental technique and playing ability. This combined approach gives students a powerful foundation to excel as players for life.


The Summer Smash Progression is a systematic approach to learning tennis developed by co-founders Spencer Mackoff and Marshall Mackoff. The Progression consists of a series of steps designed to develop modern strokes for beginner to competitive players. The Progression deepens and accelerates student learning through the creation of repeatable strokes supported by strategy.

  • 1


    Find the proper grip to begin building technique for each stroke. We start our students with the forehand semi-western grip used by the majority of active professionals.

  • 2


    Set up your stance to allow for the use of your legs and hips in the shot. We start our students in neutral stance before introducing them to variations like open and semi-open stance.

  • 3

    Wrist Control

    Control the wrist to allow for smoother and more precise shots. Maintaining a laid back wrist throughout the stroke greatly improves consistency while technique is being developed.

  • 4

    Swing Path

    Control the trajectory of the ball by establishing a repeatable swing path. Students are taught to start with a low to high swing to produce reliable height over the net.

  • 5

    Hitting Zone

    Improve timing and consistency by establishing a long hitting zone. We teach our students to extend the racquet arm to finish far away from the body in the direction of the shot.

  • 6

    Follow Through

    Create consistent acceleration by establishing a long follow through. Students are taught to have the racquet wrap around their body in a controlled manner.

  • 7

    Ready Position

    Wait in an athletic ready position that allows you to quickly prepare for both forehand and backhand.

  • 8

    Happy Feet

    Be ready to respond and move by waiting with happy feet. This is a great athletic habit to build for tennis.

  • 9


    Increase the dependability of your strokes by practicing early preparation and positioning.

  • 10


    Improve the efficiency of your positioning by learning how and where to recover after each shot.

Junior Pathway

Develop a passion for tennis and the skills to succeed through our children’s tennis programs. Our lessons use of the Progressive Tennis model to ensure your young athlete progresses confidently through each stage of their development.

Adult Pathway

Start or continue your tennis journey with our adult programs designed to give players a solid foundation for all strokes and phases of play. Our structured curriculum focuses on developing groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and tactics through a game-based approach.

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